" It's Complicated "


As a part of the summer 2014 showing, 'The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts', this work ties into the over-arching theme by tackling the concept of love. When an individual is in love with another, they care for the other's well-being more so than their own; they care for that individual to such a degree that their own wants, needs, and desires become those of the one they love. When two people mutually enter into this state of love, endlessly infatuated and consumed with the other, they become one being - this singular entity whose actions and thoughts are greater than the parts of which it is composed. 

When people think of this idolized state, they generally envision a stereotypical and sought-after perception; a beautiful and flawless experience where the other does anything and everything for you, and you do the same for them, all out of love; there is never a dull, worrying, or contentious moment, and in the end, there is a 'happily ever after'. This generic and pervasive understanding is symbolized by the Lichtenstein-esque aesthetic that composes the majority of the piece; an artist whose work centered around popular notions and idealized states. However, in the center of the piece, where the two individuals are actually embracing; actually physically materializing their love, this hard-edge, comical, pop-art style transgresses into this abstract, unique, and, what I like to denote as, 'weird' depiction; and this representation is of love's true being.

When you really begin to seep your thought into the concept of love, if you entrench yourself in your past experiences with love, you'll come to realize that everything that is 'love' is neither a popular conception nor a flawless being. The people that love you know all about you, but what differs their understanding from the generalized comprehension is that they know the idiosyncratic qualities that truly make up your character; they know which genre of music you love but would never publicly admit, they know what your favorite brand of toothpaste is, or they'll know the only brand of underwear you'll wear. All these notions are 'weird' in character, we do not generally amalgamate the idea of love with Colgate, but when someone loves you - they know these things, and only people who love you know these things, and when they properly gauge their actions and behaviors towards this 'weirdness', they are able to fulfill so much in you that it induces endless infatuation.