Born in Vancouver, Canada and currently residing in New York, Mikhail was the kind of kid who was allowed to play with his food because, on occasion, it would become a photo-worthy masterpiece. And even though he doesn’t play with his food anymore (or at least as much), he’s still dedicated to producing the utmost quality when it comes to his creative, academic, and professional endeavors. Currently an undergraduate studying Strategic Design and Management, his focuses include entrepreneurship, product design, sustainability, and data/information analysis & visualization. He has a diverse range of professional experience, working in fields such as accounting, copywriting & strategy, marketing & branding, and digital design for such notable companies as milk.xyz and AGENCY - divisions of Milk Studios, located in New York, and Southcott Strategy, based in Vancouver. 

Mikhail is always looking for opportunities to produce quality work, and to further help others do so (even with food if that fits your fancy). So if you're looking for a dedicated, hard-working, and inventive individual, feel free to contact me directly through one of the means below.